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The Blog of Brooklyn Heights and Surrounding Areas

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to The Blog of Brooklyn Heights.

I have created this site to give people a free forum to express their thoughts and opinions on neighborhood related matters.

Basically there are few restrictions on what you can say, but just as the first amendment does not give you the right to yell “FIRE” in a movie theater ,when there is none, there are a some ground rules.

1. No threatening, malicious, libelous, or stalking behavior.

2. No soliciting for commercial purposes. You may announce artistic cultural  events even if an admission is charged.

3. No inciting illegal activities.

4. No posting of false or misleading information for malicious purposes.

5. No posting of copyrighted material you do not have the legal right to publish.

6. No postting of confidential or personal information on anyone other than yourself.  Do not reveal or attempt to reveal the identity (such as Name, address, email or phone number) of another person.

7. The administrators of this blog are not responsible for its content and are under no obligation to moderate it.

8. You may link to posts here. No copying and reposting, other than something you have written, is allowed without permission.

9. Have fun & enjoy.